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General Studies Mains Online Course 3 Lectures

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Lecture 1
Economy: Lecture-3: Agriculture (Part-1)

Indian agriculture- land reforms, green revolution, agriculture inputs ( land, labour, capital, seeds, fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation), agricultural production trends and economic survey inputs. Multi directional approach for mains answer writing in agriculture related topics

By- Abhishek Sharma

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Lecture 2
Economy: Lecture-4 Agriculture (Part-2)

Agriculture productivity and forward linkages- recent trends and government initiatives. Model APMC act, Model contract farming act, Green revolution- krishonnati yojana, Niti aayog inputs. Agricultural exports and draft Agri export policy. Doubling farmer's income - ministry of agriculture 7 step strategy. Ashok dalwai committee report on restructuring of agriculture.

By- Abhishek Sharma

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Lecture 3
Economy: Lecture-5- Agriculture (Part-3)

e-technology in aid for farmers, food processing industry in India and Punjab- components, challenges and prospects . Questions answer discussion.

By- Abhishek Sharma

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