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Punjab GK Mains- Online Course 10 Lectures


Comprehensive coverage of Punjab GK for PCS Mains


  • Course will start immediately after declaration of official PCS Prelims result.
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Lecture 1
Strategy for PCS Mains Examination (After Prelims Examination)

Strategy for PCS Mains Examination after Prelims Examination. Analysis of previous year PCS Mains papers. Lecture Held on 29 July 2018.

By- Parveen Bansal

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Lecture 2
Strategy for PCS Mains (After Prelims Result)

Plan to streamline preparation for PCS Mains after Prelims result. Tips to cover mains syllabus and maximize marks in examation. Lecture Held on 09 September 2018.

By- Parveen Bansal

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Lecture 3
Punjab Economy: Lecture-1- Structure of Economy and Agriculture

Punjab economy Mains 2013 & 2015 questions analysis. Planned development of Punjab, structural transformation of Punjab economy based Punjab visions document 2030 and Punjab University research. Demographic transition in Punjab. Punjab's Human resource management and labour transition. Punjab Agriculture - issues and sustainable development strategy. Crop diversification in Punjab agriculture - Dr. Katkal report. Doubling farmer's income in Punjab - statistics and strategy

By- Abhishek Sharma

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Lecture 4
Punjab Economy- Lecture-2 Punjab economy (Part-2)

Strategy for Doubling farmer's market income in Punjab. Dairy and Horticulture development in Punjab. Punjab industry- main features, characteristics and crecent trends, newdustrial policy and general scheme to analyse any Industry. Punjab unemployment - caste based analysis.

By- Abhishek Sharma

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Lecture 5
Culture of Punjab

Similarities & Differences between Hindu, Islamic & Sikh architecture, Paintings, Philosophy. Discussion on previous years papers and Answer-writing in Culture.

By- Kunjan Verma

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Lecture 6
Geography: Lecture-1: Interior of Earth; Seismic zones of Punjab

Interior of Earth;Earth Quakes; Continental Drift Theory; Seismic zones of Punjab and structural resilience in Punjab.

By- R P Singh

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Lecture 7
Geograpohy: Lecture-2: Climatology of India and Punjab

Physiology of Punjab; Impact of El-nina and La-Nina on climate and monsoon; Western Disturbance; Characteristics of Climatology of Punjab.

By- R P Singh

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Lecture 8
Geography: Lecture-3: Monsoon; Indus Water Treaty

Concept of Monsoon, Its effects on India Agriculture and Punjab; Rainfall Distribution in Punjab; Indus Water Treaty.

By- R P Singh

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Lecture 9
Geography- Lecture 4: Tsunami and Climate change

Tsunami and Climate change; Related theories; Impact of climate change on India and Punjab

By- R P Singh

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Lecture 10
History of Punjab

Maharaja Ranjit Singh period: Administration- Political, military and financial; relations with Britishers; First Anglo Sikh War causes and outcome: Second Anglo Sikh War causes and outcomes.

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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